Research on Legislation of Data Resources Rights Protection Law
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In the era of network technology, data has become an important resource, and those who obtain it have the world. Data is property, and data can be commercialized and traded. Data-related industries are rapidly emerging and developing. However, the legal status of data is unclear, the boundaries of data concepts are unclear, the ownership of data is unclear, the conflict of interest caused by data is serious, the rights and obligations of data collection, aggregation, use, processing, processing, transmission, and opening are unclear, personal data privacy Insufficient protection of rights, difficulties in data sharing, insufficient legal standards for data collection, use, processing, transmission, and transactions, and inadequate or unacceptable laws and regulations, illegal transactions involving personal data, corporate data, and public agency data, and infringement of personal rights (including knowing Rights, consent, privacy, deletion, correction, feedback, portability, etc.) are serious violations of the law, data management and guidance lack system protection, and administrative, civil, and criminal responsibilities for data infringement are not yet complete . With the provisions for the protection of data resources rights and interests presenting multiple levels, multiple fields, and scattered existence, my country urgently needs to conduct systematic and in-depth research on legislation for the protection of data resources rights and interests.

According to the legislative logic of the Data Resources Rights Protection Law, the subject research focuses on the basic concepts of data rights, general principles, ownership of data, rights of data subjects, collection, processing and use of data by public institutions, data resource transactions, and data resource supervision. Legislative theory and practice issues such as legal liability. A theoretical argumentation was made on the main provisions of the Data Resources Rights Protection Law, and on this basis, the draft of the Data Resources Rights Protection Law (Draft) was formed, and the Guiyang Data Resources Rights Protection Regulations (Draft) adapted to the Big Data Comprehensive Pilot Area "And legislative instructions.

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