Cooperation Alliance
Cooperative Alliance
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    Institute of Data & Risk,Zhejiang University

    Institute of Data & Risk, Zhejiang University is co-sponsored by the Guiyang Municipal People’s Government and Zhejiang University. The Internet Finance Research Institute of Zhejiang University and the Guiyang Institute of Innovation Driven Development Strategy are the specific implementation units. A high-level research base with "risk prevention and control" as the main research object was formally established on October 14, 2016 on the Zijingang campus of Zhejiang University. IDR relies on the leading advantages in the development of the Internet finance industry in Zhejiang and the interdisciplinary and multi-field research characteristics of Zhejiang University. It focuses on the risk management of digital finance, and aims to build a first-class level in China and a large international influence. The research center of control theory, the innovation platform of big data financial risk prevention and control application, and the training base of big data financial risk prevention and control talents, promote the innovative development of theory and application in the field of big data financial risk prevention and control in China and even in the world.

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    Global Fintech Research Network

    Global Fintech Research Network was initiated by Zhejiang University Internet Finance Research Institute (Zhejiang University AIF) in 2017, adhering to the concept of providing feasible and efficient scientific research support for Internet finance practitioners and policy makers, connecting government departments, Academic institutions and enterprises will strive to build an open, collaborative and diversified academic exchange platform. The research and development goals focus on the following two aspects: one is the impact of Internet finance on the traditional financial service industry, as well as the innovation of corporate business models and management practices; the other is the contradiction between the development of Internet finance and government policy barriers, and the regulatory practices of regulatory agencies Innovation and the promotion of digital financial inclusion.

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    Zhejiang Association of Internet Finance

    Zhejiang Association of Internet Finance is the business supervisor unit of the Financial Affairs Office of the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province. It is jointly initiated by Zhejiang University Internet Finance Research Institute, Ant Financial, and Zheshang Bank. It is a leading enterprise or institution in the Internet finance industry, related industries, and It is an industry self-regulatory social organization jointly established by the organization and officially registered with the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Civil Affairs. The predecessor of the federation was the Zhejiang Internet Finance Alliance, which was established on September 29, 2015. After the federation was formally established, it will operate in parallel with the alliance to maximize industry services and assist in supervision functions.

    The federation aims to build a communication platform between the government and enterprises, strengthen industry supervision and guidance, carry out industry innovation research, and continuously improve the economic capacity of Internet financial services and the overall strength of the Internet financial industry, further assist the construction of Zhejiang Internet financial highland, and promote China's Internet financial industry Healthy and orderly development.