The road ahead: the power and responsibility of finance
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Professor Ben Shenglin asked two questions about the financial industry: first, what should be the responsibilities of finance and financial practitioners, and second, where is the future of the financial industry. He believes that China's financial industry has been developing rapidly, but finance seems to be fading away from the real economy. Recovering the original intention of finance and financial industry is also retrieving everyone's confidence in the financial industry. He believes that financial practitioners need to remember the original aspirations of finance, return to the origins of finance, retrieve the original meaning of finance, fulfill its due responsibilities in finance, and borrow the power of financial technology. Only in this way can we welcome a healthy future of finance and lead and promote social progress. Professor Ben Shenglin has worked in foreign banks and financial institutions for more than 20 years, and then "turned around" to engage in financial research. He condensed his profound understanding of finance into the book "The Road to the Future (The Power and Responsibility of Finance)". This book contains his speeches and articles on various occasions, covering several major research fields of Internet finance, advanced finance, financial market reform and financial institution management, in-depth analysis of the current situation and crux of the financial industry, and demonstrating his financial responsibility And unique insights into the future of finance.

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