Blockchain technology advancement and actual combat
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From the perspective of actual combat, this book combines actual application development scenarios to comprehensively introduce and analyze blockchain technology. The book is divided into four parts: Part D provides a panoramic analysis of the blockchain, introduces its concept, history, technology genre, main companies and typical application scenarios, and gives an ecological map of the current blockchain industry; D2 Part of the well-known open source blockchain platforms Ethereum and HyperLedger are explained in detail, and how to develop blockchain applications based on these two platforms; the third part takes the independent controllable alliance blockchain Hyperchain as an example to analyze The core technology of the enterprise-level blockchain platform introduces the enterprise-level blockchain application development technology based on Hyperchain; the fourth part introduces a number of actual application project cases of the blockchain, and a detailed analysis of the development process and key codes . This book is not only comprehensive and in-depth, but also focuses on actual combat, which is very suitable for blockchain developers to learn blockchain technology from the shallower to the deeper.

This book is suitable for programmers, architects and college students who are interested in blockchain technology. It is very suitable as a college textbook and training material.

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