AIF Overview
Academy of Internet Finance zhejiang university

Academy of Internet Finance (AIF), Zhejiang University is headquartered in Hangzhou - one of the foremost FinTech hubs in China and the world. The first, and broadest, interdisciplinary research institute of its kind in China, AIF boasts the unrivaled connectivity with industry and government authorities, as it serves as the founding presidency of Zhejiang Association of Internet Finance, alongside Ant Financial, a global FinTech leader.

AIF brings together the research strengths of the University's broadest areas of expertise in Economics, Law, Management, Mathematical Sciences, Computer Science and Technology, and Public Administration, as well as domestic and international scholars, policy makers and industry experts to construct an interdisciplinary and globally-focused FinTech research ecosystem.


The AIF at Zhejiang University has established a number of research hubs which focus on Internet finance from a variety of perspectives, promoting inter-disciplinary studies, including its Center for Internet Finance & Development, Center for Internet Finance Law, Center for Internet & Financial Innovation, Center for E-commerce and Mathematical Finance, Center for Internet Finance Technology as well as specialized labs such as Hangzhou Research Center, Blockchain Lab, Sinai Lab, Pension Lab International, Global Finance Lab, Global Fintech Lab and Entrepreneurial Finance Lab!



此外,作为浙江互联网金融联合会的联合理事长单位和全国金融标准化技术委员会互联网金融标准工作组的首批成员单位,浙大AIF 积极助力互联网金融行业健康发展。