China Financial Technology Operation Report-2019
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"China Financial Technology Operation (2019)" is a series of annual reports jointly launched by the National Financial and Development Laboratory Financial Technology Research Center and the Financial Technology 50 Forum (CFT50). The report aims to systematically analyze the domestic and foreign financial technology innovation and development status, evolution dynamics and market prospects, fully grasp the system, rules and policy changes in the field of financial technology at home and abroad, and continuously improve the theoretical basis and research methods related to financial technology. The report mainly includes five parts: technology, industry, business, risk, and comparison. "Technology" from the basic technology and application level, around the related technology category, carried out theoretical discussion and dynamic tracking. The "Industry Chapter" deeply discusses the situation and prospects of the traditional financial industry embracing technology from the perspective of the banking, securities, and insurance industries. "Business" focuses on analyzing financial technology innovation attempts outside the mainstream financial system. The "risk chapter" attempts to make up for the deficiencies of existing research in this field. "Comparison" relies on a global perspective and strives to explore the comparative research paradigm of financial technology theory, policy and practice. The report will be dedicated to providing important decision-making references for financial technology-related regulatory authorities, self-regulatory organizations and other economic authorities, providing effective support for the business exploration of financial technology companies and financial institutions, and providing literature materials for researchers in the financial technology field.

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