2020 Baishaquan China M&A Index
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"2020 Baishaquan China M&A Annual Report" is the second phase of the analysis and research report based on the Baishaquan China M&A Index (BMI). BMI is a series of indexes composed of the main index (China M&A index) and sub-indices (industry M&A index, province M&A index, urban M&A index), complement each other, calculated daily, and updated weekly. Its purpose is to scientifically evaluate China M&A activity, real-time observation of the development trend of the M&A market. This report is extended on the basis of BMI data, focusing on the analysis of related M&A activities of Chinese listed companies in 2019, looking into current M&A trends, and grasping future M&A trends.

Report link:【完整版】2020白沙泉中国并购年报.pdf