Global Fintech Hub Report 2020
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On December 7, 2019, Sinan Research Office of Zhejiang University Internet Finance Research Institute (Zhejiang University AIF) joined hands with Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS), Zhejiang Prospect Big Data Financial Risk Prevention and Control Research Center (IDR), Zhejiang Internet Finance The Federation jointly issued the "2020 Global Fintech Hub Report 2020", which surveyed more than 70 cities around the world, fully displayed the global financial technology landscape and development trends through the index, and selected TOP40 based on the index ranking results to analyze them The financial technology industry, experience and ecological development status, and based on this, try to answer the three important questions of "Should we develop financial technology", "What kind of financial technology to develop" and "How to develop financial technology in different cities".

The theme of the report is "Thousands of sails competing for development, and those who have the best tools first". Specifically, "thousands of sailing competitions" means that global financial technology has become an irreversible trend. Countries around the world are competing fiercely on the track for fear of falling behind; "First" means that in such a competitive environment, cities must "make their tools first" if they want to seize development opportunities. The "device" here is the market, the rules, and even more the technology, which shows that the development of financial technology needs to be driven by technology, and it also needs to be synchronized with the market and rules.

Report link:12.2020全球金融科技中心城市报告(英文版)--浙大AIF司南研究室(0907更新).pdf