Hundreds of Chinese and foreign banks competing in the international market
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Ben Shenglin, Yu Jiefang, and Gu Yue's "Hundreds of Geese Struggle-Chinese and Foreign Banks Galloping the International Market" is the third phase of the "Bank Internationalization Report", which extends the analysis of the international banking industry to non-systematic Importance of multinational banks. From the internationalization of Chinese banks to a new level of benchmarking against international first-class, to a global multi-dimensional perspective, it is hoped that through the presentation and analysis of the current internationalization of global banks, the cause and significance of the international development of the banking industry can be explored and provided Reasonable internationalization strategy reference. Compared with the previous two reports, this report has the characteristics of a more concise scoring system, richer case content, more diversified analysis perspectives, and more comprehensive BII rankings.

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